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Charleston World Affairs Council

Jul 4, 2019

Charleston World Affairs Council member George Pope takes on the daunting task of explaining tariffs. What is a tariff? Who really pays the tariff? Do tariffs really work? What's going on with China and tariffs? Listen and learn! Become insufferable to friends and neighbors as you explain tariffs.  Enjoy!

Jun 6, 2019

Polly Nayak, a leading expert and author on the fragile India-Pakistan relationship, discusses the seventy-plus years of fraught relations between India and Pakistan which alternate between fragile peace and high tensions, and explains why 'trust' between the two countries has never existed. 

May 12, 2019

Climate change! Contentious upcoming elections! A China connection! As a matter fact, Mozambique, approximately twice the size of California located the southeast coast of Africa shares many issues and concerns with the Uniter States. Dr. Cary Manning of Georgia State University joins Dr. Brian Norris of the...

Apr 20, 2019

Dr. Bluford Putnam, Managing Director and Chief Economist of the CME Group of Chicago brings over 35 years of experience in identifying and evaluating global financial and trade issues to the vexing issue of Brexit. In this presentation, Dr. Putnam discusses Brexit backstory, current status, defining issues,...

Mar 7, 2019

David Hyde, from the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA), Gene Massamillo of KMA Zuckert, and Robbie Cowart of Gulfstream provide an overview on supersonic travel and other innovations in aviation which have changed and will change how we travel and experience the world.